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  • SharePoint Office Connector

    Project Description

    SharePoint Office Connector makes it easier for outlook users to upload emails to SP and attach SP documents to an email message . You'll no longer have to save your email to desktop and upload from SP UI or download SP documents to your drive and attach them to your email.


    • Seperate configuration for each Office application
    • Workflow integration
    • Attach items as attachments into email item functionality
    • Multiple site configuration
    • Check Out/Check In functionality
    • Drag & Drop files(attachments) into a folder
    • Copy, delete and open item/document functionalities
    • Version History for files
    • Saving email meta data to SharePoint document item (title, to, from etc) functionality
    • Works with all SharePoint versions
    • Saving email message as list item and attachments as attachment of the list item functionality
    • Template based search functionality
    • Windows explorer right click upload
    • Workflow implemantation

    Features will be added

    • Automating upload emails to SharePoint via configuring an email rule.